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Hair Removal

What are the benefits of Laser Hair removal?

Traditional non-laser methods of hair removal like shaving, waxing, tweezing and depilatory creams provide only temporary results and can irritate the surrounding skin, causing scarring, ingrown hairs and allergic reactions. Laser hair removal has traditionally been a treatment option that reduces hair permanently leaving skin soft, smooth and hair free. The revolutionary Soprano XLI laser offers superior hair reduction results with shorter treatment times, virtually pain free.

There is no “down time" or recovery time following a laser hair removal session and clients can even schedule a treatment during their lunch hour.


How does the SopranoXLI Laser device work?

Pulses of infrared diode laser energy are generated to gradually heat the hair follicles in the sub-dermal layer of the skin to shut off the follicle’s ability to grow hair. The diode-810 nm photo epilation wavelength is the gold standard for laser hair removal and has been proven to deliver optimal hair reduction results.

The SopranoXLI laser also features a unique, IN-MOTION technology and a patented dual chill treatment tip, keeping the surface of your skin cool and comfortable throughout the treatment. The sweeping motion also eliminates any skipped or missed spots common to other types of laser hair removal devices.


Who is a candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of this revolutionary hair removal treatment. It’s safe for all skin types, hair types and most hair colors. It can even be used on tanned skin. If you have hair where you wish you didn't, you will definitely want to consider this treatment.


What areas can be treated?

SopranoXLI laser hair removal is a great option for anyone seeking a treatment for unwanted hair. Any area of the body where you may have unwanted hair may be treated including under arms, legs, arms, bikini, back, chest, stomach, face and neck.


Is Laser Hair Removal safe?

Hair removal is one of the medical aesthetic industry's most well-known and researched uses of lasers. The revolutionary SopranoXLI laser has provided permanent hair reduction for thousands of clients worldwide, safely and successfully since it was cleared by the FDA in 2005. Laser hair removal treatments are a clinically-proven way to reduce hair on many areas of the body with little or no risk of complications.


How long does the treatment take?

The length of the treatment time varies from client to client depending on the size of the area being treated. SopranoXLI laser technology has afforded us with hair reduction sessions that are virtually half the time of traditional laser treatments.


Is the SopranoXLI Laser device painful?

Most people find hair reduction sessions with the SopranoXLI laser technology very comfortable. While pain tolerance is subjective, many clients often describe the sensation as similar to a "hot stone massage," or gradual “warming of the skin" in the area(s) being treated.


How many treatments are required?

Laser hair removal requires multiple sessions for optimal hair reduction. Generally, after each treatment, you'll see a noticeable, permanent reduction in the number of hairs that re-grow in the treatment area. Typically, 6 treatments or more are required to permanently reduce the number of re-growing hairs.

Hair has a growth cycle, meaning, that during each session the laser will disable follicles in their active growth cycle. Hair Follicles that are dormant will cycle into an active phase of growth and most likely be targeted during the next session scheduled in 6-8 weeks. Bare and Beautiful offers a series of 7sessions in a hair reduction treatment package .The late treatment being maintenance. Treatment time varies according to the size of the area being treated.


How long do results last?

The question clients ask is “will my hair grow back”? The short answer is no. Once the hair follicle is damaged, it cannot grow new hair. Most clients see initial results following each session and for several weeks afterward as the hair gradually clears away or falls out from the treated area.

Although there may be a few hair follicles that manage to escape the laser during a session and need to be re-treated, you can expect permanent reduction of hair re-growth of the treated area. Permanent hair reduction will allow you to enjoy smooth, hair free and more appealing skin.

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